About us

Since 2016, we’ve been working in our studio at the Hauptmarkt in Trier, which is Germany's oldest city. Indeed, everything the ancient Romans could do, we can do better: creating long-lasting pieces of art. What do we need for this? Nothing less than a good briefing. Challenge us. We love challenges. Especially those that can be mastered by design and content to voice a clear attitude.

Our principles


Principle 01

We do not seek praise. We seek criticism.



Principle 02

We do not covet our ideas.



Principle 03

We do not look for the next opportunity.



Principle 04

We think positive and we eliminate the negative.



Principle 05

We know the aims of our clients.



Principle 06

We don't take no for an answer.



Principle 07

We hate to be right. We love to be wrong.




Principle 08

We are not afraid of silly ideas.




Principle 09

We don't try to win awards.



How we work

We communicate with all of our clients at eye level. Even if you are reaching for the stars. But be aware: this can also mean discarding the deadlocked status quo! In fact, we love making room for the new, for the unknown. Our approach? Purposeful concepts with clear graphic design, with typography, photography and illustration.

Anyway, serenity is something that also helps us to achieve excellence. Because we know: the world keeps on turning – even when a deadline is approaching. Ultimately, we believe that good design exists in the context of the Zeitgeist. But simultaneously strives for timelessness. So, it can function for a lasting time — like the city of Trier does; for more than 2,000 years.

Our Services

Conception / Art Direction

Branding / Corporate Design



Print Design

Graphic Design

Web Design



Editorial Design

Poster Design


Studio Sowieso
Andreas Twardzik

Hauptmarkt 13
D - 54290 Trier

T +49 651 / 69 94 20 61